Abdul Waheed (Late)


Abdul Waheed Memorial Blood Donor Society

In Memory Of My Beloved Father Who Always Wanted To Help Others In Time Of Need & Inspired Me To Do The Same. May Allah Have Mercy On His Soul & May He Always Rest In Peace. Do Pray for My Father, Me & The Blood Donor Team for this Humble Effort. -- Regards Usman Waheed [ PIA Flight Services Lahore Pakistan ]


How The System Works

If You want to become a Blood Donor, all you need to do is sign up or register for free by clicking on the link "Become A Blood Donor" Located at the right of the website just fill in your information and you will be enrolled as a blood donor.

When you donate blood to someone just log in to your account and put in the donation date so that your data is updated and your name will not appear in the blood donors list for 4 months of the donation date. If somehow you are not able to do it on the website, just contact the website administrator or coordinators to update your blood donation date.

When you are searching for a specific blood group , just select the desired blood group and city from the list available and click on search. A list of donors will appear matching the required bloodgroup along with their contact number. You can then directly contact the donors for the arrangement of blood.

Remember A little effort from you can save a precious life.


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