Abdul Waheed (Late)


Abdul Waheed Memorial Blood Donor Society

In Memory Of My Beloved Father Who Always Wanted To Help Others In Time Of Need & Inspired Me To Do The Same. May Allah Have Mercy On His Soul & May He Always Rest In Peace. Do Pray for My Father, Me & The Blood Donor Team for this Humble Effort. -- Regards Usman Waheed [ PIA Flight Services Lahore Pakistan ]


ZIKAR - A prayer for every one

My Father wanted to share this Zikar (prayer) with as many people as possible. Whenever you are in trouble or want increase in Rizq-e-Halal, Please Recite from Right to Left. Please Share This Zikar with As Many People As Possible As Sadka-e-Jaria.

Remember My Father, Me & This Blood Donor Team In Your Prayers.

Jazak Allah.
(Usman Waheed)


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